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Marley and Marley

Yesterday I watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. Just the best movie. You have watched it this year, right? No? Okay, go watch it. I’ll wait.

Okay, so then, what happened is, I watched it again. Except I watched it with the director commentary turned on. And I didn’t just watch it twice in one day…I watched it back to back. So I saw about 4 hours of the movie. I think I have it memorized, which is nice.

Junior had much more energy than I did yesterday (he had to stay home too) and wanted to do fun things. So I set up my Christmas train under the tree and let him play with it. Leave it to my kid…he pulled the musical ice cream truck ornament off the tree and had a whole scenario where the evil ice cream truck driver was after the people on the train. I don’t think I’ve seen that one on ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas specials.


6 thoughts on “Marley and Marley

  1. Oh! I love that movie. The muppet one, not the ice cream truck and the train one. Haven’t seen that one either. lol. My favorite part is when the rat skates across the grill using two pads of butter for skates. “Hot, hot hot!”

  2. Ok, where did you get a musical ice cream truck ornament??? My sister would love one! (yeah, not for me, for my sister, that’s the ticket)

  3. I want to say it was a Hallmark ornament from either last year or the year before. I have been sort of collecting Ice Cream Trucks since writing the piece in my “Open Letters” a billion years ago.

  4. Wait til you see what the kids got YOU. They read your post. By the way I just inherited the whole North Pole Village from by best friend that died in October. It is beautiful. And I know the Muppet Christmas carole like the back of my hand, I’ve watch it a least 5 time already this month. Best movie ever. I love the one with Patrick Stewart second best.

  5. What type of trains are they ? I used to set up the big O scale trains from 40s and 60s we have with that huge ZF transformer (which is now not legal because it puts out so much energy). Kids loved it until once the train came off the track and it shorted and a huge spark went off. That scared the kids off. That was it, 2 months of building scenes, operating trolley, RR crossing etc.. Oh well – It’s still there for grandkids… if that ever happens..

  6. The train I have under the tree is On30, which is the size of a Lionel but it runs on standard HO track. I love love love trains (thanks to my Dad) and wish we had a bigger one for the tree, but I am very happy with this one. I put a trolley that matches this set on my Amazon wish list.

    T.O.M., I hope it’s more of that Amish bread. That one little loaf was gone 10 minutes after they got it here!

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