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Happy Holidays, Dammit!

We were having a little discussion on Universal Hub about how the past 2 years people (read: those who look for things to complain about everywhere and anywhere) there have people people who throw fits when anyone mentions Christmas, and there are people who throw fits when people say “Happy Holidays.” You know, the same people who don’t give money to the poor and destitute, cut lines to get what they want first, and think the world owes them something. Obviously, anyone who says “Happy Holidays” is trying to get Christmas removed from the calendar. (I looked up Christmas on Wikipedia. VERY fascinating stuff. Did you know celebrating Christmas was against the law in Boston from 1659 to 1681?)

This bothers me. I think too many people think they should be able to control what others do and say. If a shop owner wants to put an ad in the paper about a “Christmas Sale” why should they be attacked by picketers and the like? And if another chooses to say Happy Holidays, for whatever reason, the same holds true. The link above, to the Hub, is about a customer losing her mind when someone wishes her Happy Holidays. I would have hit her with a shovel. You know what? Just because you are Christian and celebrate Christmas, doesn’t mean everyone does, you selfish, egostistical shrew. Hanukkah starts today. Shouldn’t I wish everyone I see a Happy Hanukkah today? Why not? What would the Christmas Army have to say to that? But it would be appropriate, would it not? When I worked as a cashier in a grocery store a million years ago, I used to wish folks happy holidays, because I never assumed every customer of mine celebrated Christmas. Everyone was fine with that, nobody corrected me. Happy Holidays also covers New Years, people.

Should I go back in time and apologize for all the Christmas Cards I have sent that had the phrase “Happy Holidays” in them?

Should the Christmas Army work to ban the Irving Berlin song “Happy Holiday” from the radio and record departments of the world? Obviously he’s part of the war on Christmas, anticipating what would happen in December 2006 way back in 1941 when he wrote the song for the moving Holiday Inn.

So if you want to take up a cause, people, why not try to take one up that will actually help someone. Not something that will make you look nuttier than a jar of Jif.


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  1. I have been fighting this anti-Christmas issue through the People confuse the separation of church and state with religious freedom, which the country is founded upon. Separation of church and state means that the state does not endorse one religion. But letting a tax payer use a park that is public property is not an endorsement. Most of the stores also ban the Salvation Army because they are religious group. I miss that part of Christmas as well. So people are using the excuse of separation of church and state to suppress religious freedom. This is a major hot button for me and a real danger. Jerry

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