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I Love a High Concept Television Show

When we were kids, we just loved all the Krofft televisions shows, didn’t we? We never questioned them, either. Just love them and loved them.

I just found the opening credits to a show that I literally haven’t seen since it went off the air, Bigfoot and Wildboy. Think about the pitch meeting for this one: “Okay, so you’ve got Bigfoot, right? He’s really strong because, well, he’s Bigfoot. And he finds this kid and raises him, and his name is Wildboy. So they are Bigfoot and Wildboy, having adventures, preventing crime, you know. Oh, and Wildboy wears a leather Tarzan-like outfit, but Bigfoot can be totally naked because, well, he’s Bigfoot.”

“I love it! You’re a genius! Why hasn’t anyone ever thought to do a Bigfoot and his adopted son series before? You keep an eye on your paycheck for a nice bonus!”


3 thoughts on “I Love a High Concept Television Show

  1. Um, ya, hey, thanks! You too! And Happy Belated Birthday! (Did the other entry not appear for you? That’s odd, I published it about an hour ago. Maybe your comment pushed it through the playdoe fun factory known as blogger.)

  2. Thanks for pointing out the Krofft shows. I never seen them before.. If you want bigfoot and all kinds of strange stuff stay up late and listen to which is on 580 am
    from Worcester. Last nite was on intelligent reptilian beings living in caves.. haha…
    I see my favorite pastaland guy is back in business on rt 117, fresh local home made pasta for a change.. Little tough to find but worth it.. for folks who want something different..
    Hopre you all dry out after the storm..

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