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Ho Ho H,,,,It’s a Little Early for That

I have witnesses. I saw something on the way home tonight and I took the family back out with me so they could verify that I wasn’t losing it. A house very definitely had a lit Chistmas Tree in their front window. A LIT CHRISTMAS TREE. I love Christmas, we’ve discussed that before. But I have rules and Thanksgiving is the line I have drawn for doing Christmas decorating.

On the other hand, we all watched the move Elf last night, so I have my faults as well. But watching a movie isn’t the same thing as putting up the tree.

Tonight’s movie, by the way, will be Cars. I love watching fun family movies!


4 thoughts on “Ho Ho H,,,,It’s a Little Early for That

  1. Cars rules!

    And I’m totally with you on the not decorating until after Thanksgiving thing – that’s the way it always was in my family, the tree did not go up until right after Thanksgiving, and it always came down right after New Years.

  2. When the children were small Dominique used to plead with Rob not to put the decorations up before her birthday on Nov 15th. Nowadays, we’ll be lucky if we’re ready for christmas.

  3. Do you think we could get it made into law that you cannot put up Christmas decorations or play Christmas carols until Thanksgiving? Wait, probably not in this state. But it would be nice!

  4. I went to the mall (Solomon Pond) Thursday night, and it was all decorated for Christmas. And Santa was there. We bought an amazing prelit tree in an after-Christmas sale at Target last year, and I’ve been waiting all year to be able to put it up. But not until after Thanksgiving. Could we get through one major holiday before we take on another?

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