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Crappy Weather in DumpLand

This week is just a little too damp for my tastes. If I wanted to live in a misty swamp, I would move to Scotland, long ago home of my ancestors (shout out to N. Uist). [Note: Funny thing, when I did a search to find a N. Uist site to link to, the text at the top of this one says to contact a man named Donald McAuley. This is actually one of the family names that I trace back to Scotland. So shout out to cousin Donald as well!]

In fact, I just looked up the weather there and the weather here for the next 5 days. While not exactly a mirror image, I think they are close enough for hand grenades.


3 thoughts on “Crappy Weather in DumpLand

  1. This is the most rainy fall I can remember in quite some time. All the pumpkins I see on people’s porches, etc. as I’m driving to work are completely rotten from all the moisture. On the plus side, our grass should come up great next spring.

  2. We’ve had a lot of fog. It’s strange how other people’s weather is always more interesting. The rain is always greener on the other side or something….

  3. Even dumped some drizzle today when they said it was going to be nice. I saw few hours of sun this morning from work office. This next storm extends from fla, texas to nyc right now. Glad I live on a hill..

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