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Book Review – Jody’s Nano Novel

God, so far it stinks to high heaven. I do this every year, and every year, while I can see the page numbers increasing with each passing day, the stink factor also increases expodentially. My step-daughter asked if she could read what I had written already, and I told her no because I don’t want her to read it and think that I’m a horrifically bad writer. Well, maybe I am no matter what, but I don’t want her using the first 17,000 words of my nano novel as a benchmark. “Ya, my step-mom calls herself a writer but I hope she doesn’t quit her day job.” Well, until switching to business analyst for my current contract, I could say “hey, I am a professional writer!” for the past 17 or so years. That’s kind of neat. I mean, other than looking at that number. I’ve been doing that for how long? Yeesh.

Okay, so anyway, I should be working on my NaNo novel instead of writing this or I’m never going to get caught up…