6 thoughts on “Another Debate

  1. Rumor has it there are some republicans here in Massachusetts. How do you think Governor Haircut got into office?

  2. Hey! Guess what! One of them Massachusetts Republicans is even a loyal BDT reader!!

    p.s. You aren’t going to delete me from you Toontown freinds list for this, are ya? ;O

  3. This isn’t an anti-Republican post. It’s an anti-Kerry Healy post. Do not be confused, grasshoppers.

    I am actually registered Independent so I feel entitled to criticize candidates based on, well, the candidates. I vote for the person I feel is the best candidate – I have no obligation to one party or the other.

    Actually, after watching the last two debates I wish Grace Ross was running a little higher in the polls. She’s not perfect, but I really, really like her.

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