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Web Sites Up and Running

I think I finally fixed my broken template(s) and have Big Bad Words up and running at There isn’t much content there, but hey, I got the broken templates fixed, you ingrates!

Also, the NaNoWriMo 2006 blog is in full swing, and we even have guest contributors! is the place to be.

If you are Nano-ing and meet the following criteria, you can sign on as a site contributor and get your own page for your novel! Criteria – you must be at least one of the following:

  • Someone I know in real life
  • An invisible friend who lives in my computer (Hi Reid and Christine!)
  • Someone from the Leominster area
  • Someone who sends me presents

Easy? Easy! See you there! (Oh, and you can blogroll the nano site so you know when someone has updated it. There’s also an option to add a Yahoo notification, which is cool.)


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