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Taking a Brief Whalom Park Break

Okay, I can’t take a break from talking about Whalom Park without pointing out that my aunt is the best aunt on the planet. I’m sorry that you all will be crying yourselves to sleep tonight, but that’s just the way the buggy bounces.

Do you know WHY my aunt is the greatest aunt on the planet? Because she reads my blog. And sometimes she comments, although not recently. And then she comes over to my house in the middle of the day to leave me a present. A PRESENT! I LOVE PRESENTS!

And do you know what she gave me? Here is what the note said:
“Jody, I got these in an auction. Thought you should have them.”

Inside the bag where goodies from Whalom Park. Two ice cream sundae dishes, a coffee mug celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Flying Comet (1940-2000), a skee-ball coupon and a magnet. I mean, holy cow, can you even think of a more thoughtful gift on the PLANET? I cannot. She rocks. So this year we declare Tuesday October 31st “The Aunt Day”. It helps that it’s her birthday, of course. So I want you to all make sure you look extra special next Tuesday when we wish her a happy birthday.

Oh, so what was I going to say? Oh, ya, a complaint. Have any of you played the Spyro video games? I think they are fantastic, he’s too cute, the games are family friendly, blah blah blah. So Spyro hangs out with a firefly named Sparx. In all the other games Sparx speaks with the dragonfly equivalent of the Charlie Brown Adults. Bzzz bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz. Cute.

There’s a new Spyro game, and Sparx speaks. And his voice is done by….David Spade. I can’t even begin to tell you how awful this decision was.


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