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Tag, You’re It

A news story out of Attleboro quoted a mom with the same last name as me. I proceeded to get email from friends all over the planet who saw the article on CNN and wanted to know if I was related to that mom.

The story, about an Attleboro elementary school banning tag at recess, is another one of those “fear of being sued” things. I made sure to tell all my friends I am pro-playground.

Yesterday I got a call from the person in charge of Junior’s aftercare program telling me that he’d gotten a gash on his head while…wait for it….playing tag.

The timing and irony of the whole thing could not be creepier. And no, I’m not going to sue. The school is not responsible for making sure my kid looks where he’s going. And he’s fine, no stitches, but I don’t think he’ll try to duck under that particular piece of playground equipment again.


4 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It

  1. when my eldest son worked as a voluteer at a nursery in the UK he wasn’t allowed to cuddle the children or have them sit on his lap. Where will it all end?

    I feel sorry for the teachers, the kids need a good run round from time to time.

  2. I saw that story, too, and wondered if she were any relation. You would have more sense than to say something like that.

    My brother fell off the monkey bars in kindergarten and broke his wrist while trying to break his fall. Imagine that today!

    p.s. I’ve got another bad case of the Boston blues. Remind me about rotaries, traffic snarls, nor’easters, Littleton…

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