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Repost from the Nano Blog

I wrote this over at my Nano blog because it was related to a local “meetup” for Nano participants. I think the important thing to note about this post is that is literally goes against EVERYTHING I wrote about yesterday related to curling up in my cave on a rainy day.

I planned all day to attend [a meeting up local nanoers at the Moose Tracks in Leominster] and on the way home from a meeting a spectacular accident happened directly in front of us in the pouring rain on 495, so I ran out of the car and supplied my Spongebob blanket to one of the drivers and stayed with her because she was freaking out. So I gave her a hug and held my umbrella over her and just stayed with her until the ambulance showed up (her neck hurt and her eyes were burning from the airbag). The kid whose SUV flipped and slid was okay (God knows how) but was bleeding. The whole thing could have been AWFUL but they’ll both be okay. (She ran into him because she couldn’t avoid him. I’m not sure what made him flip.) Anyway, I stood out in the rain at the accident scene for a good 30-40 minutes, soaked through, so I didn’t intend to stay at the 4pm meeting. But once I got there I really wanted to stay so I did. I finally just got home and into try clothes. I think three hours soaking well guarantees that I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow morning. Man, what a miserable day.


6 thoughts on “Repost from the Nano Blog

  1. You rock. So many people would’ve just driven past, or maybe given the woman a blanket and then gone on her way.

    It’s nice to know there are still decent people in the world. Big positive karma points for you!

  2. I was on 495 yesterday and it was AWFUL. If I had known of any other way to get to my destination I would have gone a different way -I tend to be very paranoid driving on the highway in the rain (car accident back in 1999), it’s nice to know there are still some kind people out there like you Jody….

  3. Glad you were able to help out and be safe yourself.
    Cop told me that most of the accidents in town happen when people
    stop to let other people out into the stream of traffic. Those good Samaritans then get rear ended by someone not paying

    Can’t believe the wind today.. Off to Pizza Chef later (Sunday special is a free large salad with a large pizza). So we get a plain and couple of soda’s for $10.. Cheap eats..

  4. Wow Jody! I missed you on TT yesterday but seems you had a good excuse. I am impressed. That was so kind of you to stay with the hurt woman. Glad to hear everyone survived.

    p.s. My boys prefer their bagels with butter.

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