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Mittens! Where Are My Mittens?

Man it was coooold this morning. My hands were very unhappy with the temperature of the steering wheel for the first 5 minutes or so this morning. I couldn’t really do anything about it, because I’m still in summer mode where of course it’s not going to be “cold” out. Except according to the thermometer built into the Jodymobile it wasn’t even 40 degrees. Oh. Okay. That’s nice.

I got my Halloween costume yesterday. I forget what it’s actually called, but it’s sort of a death bride thing. Shopping for Halloween costumes is one of my favorite tasks in the universe. We didn’t go to nearly as many stores as we did last year, fwiw. Junior wanted a Pokemon-related costume and I can safely say we didn’t see a single one, so I’m glad he also had his backup plan of being a “medieval dead woodsman.” (I’ll have to confirm that this is what he actually told me he wanted to be). I know that all medieval woodsmen are by definition, dead, but we need to know that it had to be in a medieval style, and dead because that implies a level of pale ghostliness as opposed to just a “medieval woodsman” who would be alive. And not just a dead woodsman, because could be a guy who fell out of a tree yesterday. While that would make for an interesting makeup job, it isn’t what he was going for.

What was funny is that he apparently inherited my Halloween fascination with accessories, because he thought it would be perfect to dress as this ghoulish person, but get a little Play-Skool chain saw that said happy little things like “I love you!”

He amuses me so!


5 thoughts on “Mittens! Where Are My Mittens?

  1. I’m still wearing shorts…heck with fall !!
    and I work outside in a T shirt if I can..

    As kids we just wore worn out clothes and made up to be a chimney sweep or something simple. Not the big deal today, high end costumes and my daughter went to a costume party this weekend too (right after a few of thse sweet 16 parties). She parties more than I ever did even in college… Guess I’m jealous…

  2. Junior amuses me too. next time I walk through the woods I’ll look to see if I can see any dead woodsmen left over from medieval times, you never know….

  3. Jody, sit down. Honey, the last vestiges of Whalom Park came down today. The roller coaster is now gone too. I’m sorry.

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