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Looking Forward to Rain

This is going to sound silly, but I’m kind of looking forward to tomorrow’s icky weather. When it’s nice in the fall, I have this uncontrollable urge to go to things. That means for weeks I don’t get anything done in the house. Things like napping, playing Toontown, catching up on all the stuff on the Tivo, napping. You know, the important things that you earn by putting in 40 long ones every week.

So instead of going on apple cider runs and pretending I can take decent foliage photos with my crappy camera (yes, I’ve decided my camera is crappy, but I’m stuck with it, so we’ll just agree to not talk about it), I’m going to be trapped in the house.

If I had bothered to find a chimney sweep, maybe we could crank open a fake log. But I’m a little nervous about setting my house on fire. I am a poor judge of creosote, you see. Plus, in the past none of the chimney sweep companies would even return my calls. That totally sucks. Well, maybe we’ll light a candle and just put it in the fireplace. Would that work?

Only a couple of days until we start writing the NaNoWriMo novel. Still time for you to join us over at Http:// You want to write a novel, don’t you?


One thought on “Looking Forward to Rain

  1. Hope it rains all weekend so I can avoid picking up leaves and blows hard enough to remove the rest. This way I have one last time to clean up the place.

    Last weekend, I did myself in. I had muscles hurt for 3 days not including my flu shot site..

    Side note – went to the Italian place between Getty and the Apartments. You park out back, finally figured that one out. Mostly a lunch place, huge selection of foods to eat there or take out. Real Yum…

    I still can’t get used to McDonalds with a large screen TV, fireplace and leather seats.. Culture Shock..

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