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Drum Dreams

So all you old school ELO fans should recognize the title of this post is the B-side of a circa for the All Over the World 45. That’s right, kidlings, I’m talking about a 45-RPM recorded disk that was issued back around 1980 from the soundtrack to the movie Xanadu. You have seen Xanadu, right? But have you seen it lately? You MST3K-wannabes can have a LOT of fun with this one. I think someone should do Xanadu 2 and show what happened to Sonny Malone when his dream establishment, a roller disco rink, failed in spectacular fashion less than 2 years after it opened. Because we all know how roller disco rinks maintained their cutting-edge popularity over the last 25 years. You can’t swing a dead mirror ball without hitting a roller disco rink.

But I digress. Drum Dreams, in this case, actually refers to the Blue Man Group concert we attended last night. Can I just say how much I adore Blue Man Group? This tour, called “How to Be a Megastar” is actually just a slightly updated version of their Complex tour, but I am so hooked on The Complex that I’m okay with that. I didn’t get to see The Complex when they originally toured, so last night’s concert was FINE with me.

It does make me want to run out and buy some PVC pipe. BMG has a hands-on exhibit at the Children’s Museum in Boston and I’m wondering how bad it will look if I pry the kids off of it so that I can take a turn. Sure, they’ll cry, but I’m bigger than them, so who cares? We’re talking about Blue Man Group!


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