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Pre-Pre-Holiday Shopping

I am considering making a new Christmas holiday page for the site with all sorts of Chri holiday gifts. But not good gifts. gifts that make you sit back and say “really, did more than one person buy one of these, or did the manufacturer go out in flames because of the losses incurred by the product.

You know, the kind of stuff only the creator’s mother would buy.

Here’s a sample – an iPod case. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Pre-Pre-Holiday Shopping

  1. My favorite part was the description.. “Exclusive super cool design not found in ANY store!” Hmmm… I wonder why it isn’t found in any store…

  2. You would be surprised what people buy.. look at Chia Pets.. Now there are collectable versions !!
    A Mr T Chia Pet is something I really need ! (not).

    Off the subject, I met a local lady who is “Blinky the Clown”. She is a professional clown and very talented. Too bad I am too old to have her to my birthday party !

    Anyone go to the festival Saturday ? Nice turn out.

    Enjoy the summer weather today…

  3. My mom and I went to Sholan Farms Sunday. Good times. We missed the festival by a day.

    Jody, you should link to the Sky Mall catalog. Full of useless crap that only rich, bored people could use.

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