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Ferncol Fair Review

Luckily, we listened to the wise words of Junior. See, we caravaned to Ferncol (in Templeton MA) with my sister and parents to the fair. We should have left a little earlier than we did, but you know how we get when we’re trying to go somewhere. It’s impossible to actually physically get in the car and go. There are many bathroom trips, someone forgot a sweater, someone forgot a bottle of water, maybe one more bathroom trip, get off the computer, dammit! (That wasn’t me, by the way) etc. etc.

As we got off the Route 2 exit, it started to rain. FANTASTIC! A conference between the open windows of the two cars occurred. Do we want to go in or not? It’s five dollars per car. What’s the forecast for the afternoon? Junior says we should go, that it’s going to stop raining. It doesn’t look that way, but that’s what he said. Someone points out that all the profit from the fair goes right back into the program at Ferncol, and in fact it rained yesterday so they didn’t make much money. (Example: If you go on the dairy barn tour, they have cookies and ice cream and apple cider available. Free, but there is a donation jar. I have found you tend to donate more than you would if they were actually charging for the snacks, which I suppose is why they do it. All the money that is donated goes to the client/resident holiday party. How can you not give a few bucks to that worthy cause?) So we decided minimally, we’d go, give our five bucks as a donation and just turn around. Except the rain let up a LOT so we got out. And after an initial drizzle it didn’t rain again the rest of the time we were there – in fact the skies cleared and there were patches of blue. So Junior called it! I’m going to get all my weather predictions from him from now on!

The fair was smaller this year. I guess Saturday was a complete washout and with the forecast for Sunday to be the same or worse (thunderstorms and 60mph winds) many of the vendors weren’t there on Sunday. They didn’t have carnaval rides this year (I was perfectly okay with that. I did NOT like the quality of the rides when I saw them last year) and they didn’t have the big Dollar Sale section (which was usually just boxes of stuff on the ground). I did share my fricot (chicken stew) with Junior, and my parents had the traditional clam chowdah. They said it was just as good as previous years.

No cows were born, but the manager of the dairy is the guy who led our tour so he thought it was cool that we said we were there when it happened a couple of years ago. It’s fair lore that one year a cow gave birth during the fair. And I have photographic evidence!

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Okay, Don’t Panic

Deep breaths. Okay? Okay.

Target has Christmas stuff out on the shelves.

I didn’t buy any – let me make that clear. To snub my nose at the Christmas stuff I spent a few bucks on Halloween stuff. That’ll show ’em.


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So Here’s What I Think

[Geez, this post title is actually like the implied title of every blog on the planet, isn’t it? But still, we’ll go with it for this one post.]

  • There should be more hours in a day. Not more to spend at work, but more before work, more after work, and a couple more to be used for sleeping. So my day would look like this:
    8:00am – Wake Up
    8:00-B:30am (covers new additional morning hours, A and B) Shower, dress, do a Sudoku puzzle, check e-mail, eat breakfast, leave for work
    8:30 Arrive at work
    5:30-C:30 Leave work and arrive at home
    C:30-6:30 Eat dinner
    6:30-E:00 chores
    E:00-10:00 fun stuff like Toontown, watching movies, going shopping
    10:00pm-8am sleep

    I think this could work. If we could just convince the sun and the earth’s rotation to cooperate.

  • Yesterday junior handed us a classic line. They are getting fewer and further between, now that he’s getting older, so I treasure them. He asked “Can I wear short-sleeved pants today?” Now he knows they are shorts. I blame his being half asleep when he said it, but what a great line that we will now use until we’ve driven it into the ground!
  • I downloaded some software to try to enter a contest to win a MacBook, because we really need a Mac for Mr. Dump to do design work. The contest was to do a 30 second promotional piece for the Opie and Anthony show. What I realized is that while I know in my head EXACTLY what I want to do, executing my vision is a completely different thing. It’s not pretty. At all. Plus, I have to work from downloaded versions of their show that I had to pay for, because I have no way to punch a button and just record something I just heard that would work. I think that all this work I’m doing is not going to get me a MacBook – I am not a very good radio engineer.
  • If I already HAD a MacBook, it would be a lot easier to WIN a MacBook, because it comes with that iLife software. If they made that for a PC I would have already purchased it.
  • I’ve been driving by the fairgrounds where the Bolton Fair is taking place this weekend. The rides are all set up and will be up and running at 5pm tonight. That means today and tomorrow I need to leave work early enough that I’m not going that way any time after 4:40 or so.
  • This weekend is also the Ferncol Fair. We love that fair. It’s very simple, and you get to try free ice cream that they made with their own milk. (Remember a couple of years ago we got to watch a cow give birth? That’s a great fair!). I don’t think I can handle doing both. Junior wants to do Ferncol. I lean toward Bolton, but I’d probably spend more money there. It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so I don’t know if I want to do either in the rain. WWJD?
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Pre-Pre-Holiday Shopping

I am considering making a new Christmas holiday page for the site with all sorts of Chri holiday gifts. But not good gifts. gifts that make you sit back and say “really, did more than one person buy one of these, or did the manufacturer go out in flames because of the losses incurred by the product.

You know, the kind of stuff only the creator’s mother would buy.

Here’s a sample – an iPod case. What do you think?