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Month: September, 2006

Why I Didn’t Post Yesterday

I think this person sums it up perfectly. I had my own thoughts to deal
with, and didn’t feel the need to share them. I also didn’t want to use
the anniversary to try to get traffic to the site.

If you have 5 minutes, it’s a great read.


Okay, Feeling Better Now

Man, is there something related to my allergies flaring up, or did I catch the 8 hour flu? I spent most of today curled up in a ball on the couch with the worst head/sinus thing I’ve had in a while. My ears were blocking and unblocking and hurting, and my nose hurt right along the edge. Now I’m used to sinus headaches, but this one just felt odd. Like someone had stuffed the Inflate Your Tire for a Quarter hose into one nostril and fired it up.

But I feel much better now – so who knows. I’m still going to turn in early tonight. I thought it was like, ten pm because of the whole getting dark way too early thing, but it’s only 8:30pm. Well, that’s late enough to find a book and cozy up. Let’s all hope I don’t wake up with the same thing tomorrow because I’ll be very very sad.


My Very Own Store

I got an email from Amazon that they had a new tool for folks like me trying to make a buck or two by sending folks to spend their money at Amazon. So I played with it and came up with my very own Be like Jody store.

So go ahead, give it a look. And feel free to Be Like Jody


All I Have to Show For My Weekend

It’s Wednesday now, right? Good. Only a couple more days until the weekend. I still feel shakey from having to un-weekend myself yesterday. I ate some grapes, so maybe that will help. Oh, and a peach I bought at Clearview Farm on Monday. I bought 3 of them, so I have one for Thursday and one for Friday. That works out well, doesn’t it?

I took a photo while I was there. I’d show you, but then I’d have to kill you. Okay, I’ll show you. If you’re reading this today (Wednesday) the link will work. You are going to be looking at the photo on the shell of my new website. Think of it as a pre-preview. Don’t link to it, because it’s going to be moving once I’m happy with everything. Ready? Okay. [Link deleted because you waited too long] Now aren’t you glad you stopped by today?

Commutewise, I just sent Mr. Dump an email that said “I’m going to ya-mo burn down the work crew who has been trimming tree branchs in the same stretch of road for 4 business days now, FUBARing traffic headed east on 117 well before 7:30am and on.”

Sure, I finally got to see 40 Year Old Virgin over the weekend, why do you ask? By the way, I loved it. Fantastic characters and character development. I give it two toes up. “If I hear ‘Ya Mo Be There’ one more time I’m going to Ya Mo Burn This Place to the Ground.” is one of those classic lines that will be repeated endlessly, everywhere. At least by me.

“If I hear ‘Ya Mo Be There’ one more time I’m going to Ya Mo Burn This Place to the Ground.”


Particulary Grind-y

Why is the Tuesday after Labor Day the hardest day to get through? The traffic is back to being horrific in the morning (since changing jobs back to Marlboro in July I haven’t had to deal with the school traffic). Someone could tell the fine people running the tree trimming in Lancaster that they could maybe, just maybe, not start until 8am or later. Seriously, on a major commuter route like 117, they are down to one lane so they can cut down tree branches 3 days in a row? It wasn’t even 7:30am and already traffic was screwed up because of it.

Well, at least it’s a 4 day week. Maybe by Thursday I’ll be out of my fog.


It’s Disney’s Fault

I’m sorry, but I can’t stop playing Toontown Online. I blame them for sucking all the free time out of my life. Blame Disney.

We braved the rain today to go to the Lord’s Acre Corn Festival today. It is worth the rain and mud for their corn and chicken BBQ. I’m hungry again just thinking about it!

So any of you eat corn or play Toontown? I’m Queen Curly Bananaflinger…