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Okay, Don’t Panic

Deep breaths. Okay? Okay.

Target has Christmas stuff out on the shelves.

I didn’t buy any – let me make that clear. To snub my nose at the Christmas stuff I spent a few bucks on Halloween stuff. That’ll show ’em.



11 thoughts on “Okay, Don’t Panic

  1. We noticed that the other day. My boys wanted to check out the costumes and while we were there we saw Christmas lights. And people thought I was goofy for putting up my Halloween decorations already.

    Remember the good old days when no one mentioned Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. *sigh*

  2. Yeh, I got Bean too. Truth be told, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. And we bought an amazing new Christmas tree at Target in an after-Christmas sale last year, so I’m dying to put it up. So I’m not too sad. I also like to start shopping early.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a winter baby…

  3. That’s crazy having stuff out that early. Even Halloween is quite some time away. They are taking all the fun out of the holidays just to make a fast buck.

  4. Jody, would you be really made at me if I told you I was 50% finished with my shopping already? Went to the Bolton Fair yesterday. 1. I don’t remember it being in Lancaster and 2. Very muddy. The free parking was nice though.

  5. I don’t HATE it hate it, I just find it unbelievable. I suppose in Target’s defense (not that they need it) that shelf space would be empty at this point. They don’t really have anything else to go there. Sure, you could spread the Halloween stuff thinner, but once they pull all the school supplies off those shelves, and the patio stuff was long gone, they may as well put out the products that are going to be there eventually anyway. Still. I LOVE Christmas, but I found it shocking.

    Sharon, I wouldn’t be mad, I would be in awe. How can you do it so early????

    Oh, and we did the Lord’s Acre Corn festival at those fairgrounds on a rainy day. Muddy isn’t the word for it. It’s been there for 3 years now. They needed a new location when part of the land they were using (mostly for parking) was sold to the people who put up the assisted living housing. It really is a lovely property, when it hasn’t been pouring.

  6. Jody, I don’t know. I just get it done early. I am usually a very good present giver so I’m always thinking while I’m shopping. Maybe that’s the secret.

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