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My Very Own Store

I got an email from Amazon that they had a new tool for folks like me trying to make a buck or two by sending folks to spend their money at Amazon. So I played with it and came up with my very own Be like Jody store.

So go ahead, give it a look. And feel free to Be Like Jody


6 thoughts on “My Very Own Store

  1. The Moving Castle!!! I wondered what it was called in English. I love the way the scarecrow bounces around. I wonder when Amazon UK will be doing that?

  2. Wow! I *am* like Jody! We have all those movies (except for Arrested Development) and I love Depeche Mode’s Violator. Freeeeky.

  3. I’m so glad you guys want to be like me! And Chuck, big thumbs up on being so far along in the process of Jodifying your life!

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