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Fire Drill Conversation

Did you ever have an email conversation with someone that upon re-read just makes you giggle out loud? Allow me to share, then.


As a reward, we had a fire drill! Woo hoo!

Mr. Dump:



Apparently we all got out of the building in 6 minutes.

What I like about the fire drills here is that they announce them about 45 seconds before they happen – it’s the only time I have ever heard them use the speaker system. Some of us didn’t even know it existed until the first time they did that.

“God says he’s going to test the fire alarm system in conjunction with the Marlboro fire department!”

Mr. Dump:

Wow. So, what’s He like?


He’s very interested in getting us out of the building quickly.

Mr. Dump:

He’s like that.


3 thoughts on “Fire Drill Conversation

  1. You seem to be having a lot of contact with god recently are you really Saint Jody?

    I hung around for two hours at a school once, they couldn’t turn it off!

  2. Sounds like your getting more in touch with your spiritual side which is good. Just remember to keep one foot in reality…
    Why they would announce a drill is beyond me..

  3. Jerry has a good point, why announce a fire drill?

    And I could totally hear that conversation between you and Mr. Dump in my head….it was funny.

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