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Where Art Mojo’s?

Okay locals, what the heck happened to Mojo’s BBQ on Mechanic Street? Not that their food fits my South Beach Diet, but the pulled pork was to die for!

Did they move? Just change the name of the place?

I thought I saw a story in the paper that they were looking to obtain a liquor license…


14 thoughts on “Where Art Mojo’s?

  1. Just wanted to let you all know about Tejano Loco BBQ in Ayer. It’s hidden on a one way street off Main Street in downtown Ayer. Great pulled pork, juicy ribs & brisket. They have only a few chairs and mostly do delivery & take out. Anyone heard of it?

  2. Jen, thanks for the heads up. Ayer is a little far for me to do take-out, but I’ll definitely keep that place in mind! We’ll need a report from our resident BBQ expert on this place, Sue. SUE! Where ARE you?

  3. The new place is open — we buzzed it the other night to see what was up. We may check out their pizza — my hubby loves hand-tossed pie.

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