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The Long Weekend

We’re baaaaaack. Took a long weekend up in New Hamster with the kids and the sister and the niece and nephew. Much fun was had by all.

We now have the following inside joke terms that I will not explain.

“My Blackberry stopped working”
“I’d like a cup of that”

I think I lost this little blue notebook that I bought three weeks ago and was using to journal and track expenses etc. And I’m REALLY unhappy about it. But that would be the low point.

We did tell the kids that the next time we go to Storyland we’ll be with our grandchildren. Not that they didn’t enjoy themselves, but I think by the time we’d even go back up there they’ll be too old to really enjoy it (not at those prices!)

And Ruggles Mine ( was a huge rip off pricewise, but the kids LOVED it. What are you gonna do?

We rounded off the day dropping a c-note at Staples on school supplies. Two kids in high school and one going into 3rd grade…how many pencils and erasers do we need again?


2 thoughts on “The Long Weekend

  1. Glad you had fun. I did that trip several times with the kids too. Daughter is complaing that in Maine where she is staying with friends, her cell doesn’t work. That’s almost bad enough for her to cut her vacation short. Gosh, a week without talking to her friends several times a day !

    C note is easy to drop at Staples. I am doing my shopping on line through Stapleslink with my company to save some $$.

    Bye for now

  2. We’re of to buy school supplies on Tuesday. Jody I seem to remember you love buying pens as much as I do (or was it paper?) I have my sensible daughter who will remove all my pens from the trolly and replace them with bic packs of ten aaaggghhh!

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