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School Supplies R Us

I’m like, 41 or something like that. You know, approximately 41, at least according to the calendar. I have been out of school for a number of years. I’d do the math and tell you exactly how long, but that would involve “carrying the tens” or something and you know, it’s been a long time since I was in school and I don’t have a calculator handy. That’s what happens when you get old.

I still get giddy when I see all the school supply sales. Man, I could just spend hundreds of dollars in school supplies. If WW3 started tomorrow and all the retail stores were bombed and we were left with just the stuff we have in our homes, I’d be able to draw and color and write for probably years. I’m thinking I may have a problem, but at least I’m not drinking or doing drugs, right? What’s a few boxes of magic markers between friends? Even when nobody uses them regularly, I’ve got them. You never know when there might be a need.


2 thoughts on “School Supplies R Us

  1. I agree. Was in Staples yesterday for some index cards for my better half. I felt like loading up on a few boxes of pens, paper, folders, protectors, etc. But I don’t need them and I can’t buy for my kids. They have to have their own list and shop for themselves. What do parents know about what school supplies they need ? I might by some cheap no name pens, but they can’t do without the cushioned ones or some other fancy one.

    So I only bought $6 for 500 index cards.. I also could not get myself to spend $41 for a single ink cartridge. Will look on line instead.

  2. I can supply the looseleaf notebook paper (about 3 bazillion sheets)Do you think we should be on a disaster registry with FEMA? I know exactly what you mean, though. For me, that plastic-y smell of a lunchbox could transport me right back to first grade.

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