7 thoughts on “Photos from Vacation

  1. Nice shots! Would you recommend the hotel? Looks like a good place. Of course, I won’t be taking any vacas anytime soon with my Bermuda cruise looming…

  2. We actually rented a condo from the Nordic Inn right on route 112. They are all individually owned, so you have to pick the one you want. I’m sure some are far nicer than others. But this one had a pool table on the 2nd floor, and we had plenty of beds for the 8 of us, with three full baths. Bonus!

  3. It looks beautiful; Do I visit the west coast or the east first when I do my holiday of a lifetime? We saw a documentry about a long tunnel that was built near where you areto join you all with the rest of the U.S. It was fascinating!

  4. To join us with the rest of the US? Now I’m confused. We are already connected to the rest of the US. We do have a long tunnel to get people to the Boston airport, but the rest of the state is pretty much attached to the rest of the contintental US.

  5. Nice pics… Wish I was there. Unfortunately having a kid in college means you are not allowed to scrape together two nickels on your own to do anything fun. Every spare nickel goes to them and then some..

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