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La Poussiere

There should be an accent over the first e. I can’t put accents in post titles. Well, I don’t think I can. And I’m typing on my phone so everything is limited anyway.

I was looking at a cleaning product box and saw “la poussi`ere” and realized that would be a cool name for a comic book character. I suppose it would have to be a bad guy.

La Poussiere. Don’t mess with him. He’s on the loose with an appetite for innocent blood.

*”the dust”


2 thoughts on “La Poussiere

  1. “Dust” to me would be a better as a character like such as a goofy kid that comes to save the day later on and becomes an unlikely hero.

    Speaking of “heros” (or hoagie, submarie, zep, torpedo, por boy or grinder), looks like we are getting a TGIF by Target’s. Plus an Olive Garden and a Best Buy for that exercise equipment you will need to work off the calories from all the fast food places in town now. All we are missing is a Red Lobster.

  2. [Last two comments deleted because I figured out I could do that and fix the grammatical errors in this comment by reposting a fixed version.]

    Oh ya, restaurantalicious! Actually, I got a South Beach Restaurant book, and what we need is a Ruby Tuesdays. They have a lot of low carb options that the others don’t.

    Were you here when I was sending letters back and forth to the parent company of Smokey Bones/Red Lobster? I was yelling at them for pulling the proposed Smokey Bones out of that plaza (I hate Olive Garden) and the guy told me that there are NO MORE Red Lobster’s in New England (possibly one on near the NY border in CT, but that’s it. I miss the one that was in Nashua.

    I like Best Buy. But I also believe you can never have too many gadget stores within 2 miles of your house.

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