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Food and More Food

Okay, while we wait for Sue the BBQ Judge to check in on the Ayer BBQ restaurant recommended by reader Jen, I will present you with a short radio play based on my breakfast and an email thread between Mr. Dump and I.

Feel free to find another person to play the parts of Cafeteria Cashier Carol and the Narrator. Or you can simple use two different voices if you can’t find someone else to play along.

Narrator: I believe there’s a limit to how much yogurt one should have for breakfast. *burp*

[Jody puts 1/2 a salad bar cup (16oz) of blueberry/yogurt combo on the salad bar scale in the cafeteria.]

Cafeteria Cashier Carol: That’s $2.50. You know, if you fill the cup we charge a flat $2.95

Jody: Really?

Cafeteria Cashier Carol: If it was just fruit, we’d weigh it, but there’s a flat price for a full container of yogurt with fruit/granola.

Jody: Oh, well charge me for a full cup. [Returns to the salad bar to double the amount of fruit and yogurt in the container]

Narrator: This is the equivalent of McDonalds charging you 89 cents for one pie, or 2 for a dollar. But it’s never for something really good. You know, if you get the Bacon Lover’s Bacon Bucket instead of the side order of three pieces, it’s only forty cents more…
[End Scene]


7 thoughts on “Food and More Food

  1. (sniff, sniff!) I don’t think anything has ever really affected me this way…

    Now, if you could just get Julia Roberts to play the lead on Broadway…

  2. Jerry, Jody, everyone —

    Hubby and I went to the BBQ place last night. It’s right on Main Street, but the entrance is on West Street. He got pulled pork, I got a chicken sandwich. He got two sides, and I got fries. It came to $17, a bit pricey. Hubby said the pulled pork was very good, if a bit bland. My chicken sandwich was very good too, but then again, it’s hard to mess up chicken on a bun. The owner came out and told us they are adding Tex-Mex food to the menu soon.

    I’d check it out, peoples.

  3. Did you eat the whole pint of yogurt … if so, you deserve some kind of award. Hell, if you had a spoonful, you deserve a bronze medal.

  4. Thanks for the info. I usually hang out at JPs in AYR if I am over that way but will try this.

    BTW – I went to Demoulas the other day and they had a new fruit called a Pluot, cross between a plum and an apricot, yum.. and sweat…

    Try to have a good weekend if mother nature cooperates..

  5. Auntie Anne’s is giving away a free pretzal (original or cinnamon & sugar, 1 per customer) tomorrow at the Mall at Whitney Field between 10am and 4 pm…

    since we were on the topic of food =)

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