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Weekend Planning

I’m trying to find something fun to do this weekend. I think our family could use a little fun (for reasons I can’t really get into here right now) in our lives. I thought my step-kids were going to join us, because we haven’t seen them for what seems like months, but apparently they don’t feel like they need to spend any time with us. Very sad, but what are you going to do?

So suggestions for this weekend people. Let’s see them. We already have a couple of ideas in the running, including Canobe Lake Park, Six Flags and cleaning the tub. Add your suggestions to the comments.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Planning

  1. Guess it depends that people are interested in but for beaches.

    If you want to go north, I like Sunapee Beach.

    South, all I usually do is cruize the Connecticut shore line, there are tons of beaches, some city some state run. Last time down there I found a large beach with a swimming pool as well. I have not tried the Rhode Island beaches yet. Water is generally much
    warmer than NH/Maine and not any farther away.


  2. You can canoe down the Nashua River. My wife and I rent canoes at Nashoba Paddler in Groton.

    We went tubing down the Farmington River in CT one day a couple of summers ago. That was a blast.

  3. It’s gonna be hot, hot, hot this weekend, so somewhere cool would be good. Like a movie theater or mall. Or maybe head north to Portsmouth, NH — nice little boutiques and right by the water.

  4. Well, we could all just hang out and spend some time together… or something like that, but yeah, me and my sissy are commin up hommie. Never mind, i cant talk like im in the hood. lol, just kidding, for those of you who dont know me, me and my sister are the step kids. Hey, tell junior i said hi!

  5. I’m doing the Danskin Women’s triathlon on Sunday-come join me! My friend wants to do it with my sister and I next year but her 12 year old was apprehensive about getting up at 4:30 and heading to Lake Chargogagomanchaugagogchamungabungagog to watch the event (swim, bike, run) until I told him there would be 4,000 bouncing boobies running towards him. (There are 2,000 women signed up)

    It’s a wimpy event for people who do the Ironman.

    Or you can just run through the sprinkler! Stay cool!

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