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Dear Burger King Customers:

Have you been losing sleep over the fact that when you eat at BK you were limited to a sandwich that only had 2 meat patties on it? I mean really, ordering two doubles was a problem?

Okay, so does the new 4 patty sandwich take care of that part of your deeply dissatisfied life?

More important, do people look at you in a horrified manor when you order one? I think I’d have to wear a disguise, and make sure I was in a town I’d never visited before.



2 thoughts on “Stackers

  1. At BK I never order anything more than what is on the $1 menu items. Eating anymore than that is too much calories for folks. Even then I feel embarrased.

  2. Yeah, I always thought I was a badass because I ate a burger with two patties on it, and occasionally three. I didn’t know that I’d be thought of as less than a man if I didn’t trade up to the quintuple-bacon-and-cheese-with-chili-and-a-fried-egg-burger.

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