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Let’s Pretend It’s Saturday

Just when I was getting into the swing of the weekend, we get Monday dumped on us. Rather unceremoniously, I might add.

I want a do-over. It’s not that I wasted the weekend, but I want an extra scoop or two. If the weekend was ice cream, it is like I was handed a kiddie cone and then after only a couple of licks the whole thing fell into the dirt before I could even enjoy it.

And it was *good* ice cream too – something with an animal in the name. Moose tracks, or purple cow or aardvaark ears or something like that. Saturday is no Plain Jane scoop of vanilla frozen yoghurt.

I demand a replacement cone with two scoops and sprinkles, dammit.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend It’s Saturday

  1. gotcha’! Not only are the weekends not long enough for me, I need at least 4 extra waking hours added to my weekdays to get everything done. Everything is going downhill, and faster each new year.
    Whatever will we do?

  2. I have to say I am still lobbying for the constant 3 day weekend. 2 day weekends are just not long enough to do anything super important and 5 days working is unbearable at times.

  3. Same here, Friday night was a bust from being so tired from work and housework. I don’t even remember what I did.

    Wife was in FLA for 5 days at her Mom’s 70th birthday party. So I was chief cook/bottle washer besides regular work. Funny how teenagers can’t cook for themselves but can ask for $$ to go to Subway or whatever.

    Saturday morning I had a meeting with the State and the PM was volunteering for the City on watch.

    Sunday was the “round-tuit” list from wife. She left a detailed list for everyone on chores that we needed to have done by Monday. ARGH..

    Seems as you get older time flys by faster..

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