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Greenies Waiting for Sunshine

Here is the current Big DumpTruck bumper (sic) crop of tomaters. I have no idea when the damned things are going to start showing signs of turning red. It was so hot this week that I had high hopes (if memory serves, tomatoes really love hot weather). I don’t think I’m going to have enough to share, so don’t even ask, okay? I could eat every single one of this in one day and not think twice about it. And then I could go poop in the back yard and start up another crop. Go seeds!


5 thoughts on “Greenies Waiting for Sunshine

  1. I would give it at least 1-2 more weeks. When I had a garden the tomatoes came in in August.

  2. My FIL is a farmer. His greenhouses have flooded numerous times. As my MIL says, they’ll be lucky if they get a tomato by October. Those look really good (although I personally hate tomatoes).

  3. These are supposed to be “early” tomatoes. It was flowering when I bought the damned thing, so it’s been teasing me since May. My dad is the farmer in our family, and apparently my one little plant was/is doing better than all of his, but mine was a different type.

  4. -=-=-=-=-=-=
    And then I could go poop in the back yard and start up another crop.
    remind me not to go to any of YOUR lawn parties šŸ™‚

  5. They look nice.. Our are doing nothing. After seeing yours, I went outside and fertilized ours, but I am not hope they will be able to catch up to you.
    GL with them.

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