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For You New Red Sox Fans

If you are shopping for Red Sox shirts at Olympia Sports, and you see one that has the name “Coco” on the back, you might not want to buy it. REAL player shirts have the LAST name, not the first name. Also, those Coco shirts are number 10. The “Crisp” shirts around the corner are number 12. thinks he’s number 12.

So to summarize, right name, wrong number, wrong number, right name.


2 thoughts on “For You New Red Sox Fans

  1. Coco is #10 last I knew. I bet he can’t use his full name due to trademark issue with Kellogs the cereal people. Even though the cereal is spelled with a “K”.
    When I lived in upstate NY, Taylor wine family sold the business to the Coke people. However one kid kept some land and ran his own vineyard called BullyHill. When he label his bottles he had them marked BullyHill by Walter Taylor. Coke forced him into court and got him to remove his name off of everything. That enforcement lasted for many years.

  2. But they don’t put their full names on their shirts, just their last names. Coco is just his nickname, anyway.

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