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Bathtubs It Is!

Okay, too damned hot to do anything today, and due to circumstances I shouldn’t discuss in a public forum but let’s just say if you grew up in the 70s, using these products would allow me to go horseback riding, I didn’t want to go tubing.

But we entertained ourselves as best we could, and we started to enjoy the new Animaniacs dvd set…5 DVDs……whoooooooooo! If I was writing this on my computer, I’d make that a link to Amazon and make a buck if you bought a copy. So use my link over on the right…


4 thoughts on “Bathtubs It Is!

  1. I LOVE Animaniacs!! And was very pleased to see that Netflix has the new dvds-guess what I’ll be watching this weekend?!

  2. Fun is relative, isn’t it? We were at the mall briefly, which was fun for the people who left with bags. Sunday I brought Junior to my sister’s house to dump him in her pool. Nature prevented me from swimming so that was a bummer. But he had fun and we had a really awesome dinner at an “Asian Fusion” restaurant in Acton. I had the duck. To die for.

    Nicholle – if you are planning to get through all of them, that will take up your whole weekend! We didn’t even finish the first DVD!

  3. I can finally get rid of my old VHS tapes of the Animaniacs, now. Without Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, I never would have learned all the Presidents of the United States.

    LOVE the Animaniacs. When my daughter crosses the street, she looks left, right, left again, and then straight up in the air to make sure there are no anvils.

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