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What’s On Your iPod?

Okay, I don’t really want to know. It’s just polite to ask people about their likes and dislikes instead of just blathering on about yourself all the time. You get the reputation of being self-centered and you never get asked on a 2nd date. Not that this is a problem, although it has literally been years since I’ve been on a date. I wonder if it’s because I talk about myself. Damn. I feel so conceited.

Okay, so what’s currently on “Pinky,” my iPod you ask? Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you. Lots of stuff. Okay, I’ll be more specific.

I have been downloading random songs this week, not whole CDs. Here are the top new downloads.

  • 3 Songs by Lindsey Buckingham from the Go Insane CD. (I owned the album, and it’s around here somewhere. Now Junior is completely hooked on the song “Go Insane.” Ahh, I love having a kid.)
  • a couple of songs by Sweet. I grabbed Love is Like Oxygen, Fox on the Run, Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz.
  • Boogie Nights by Heatwave. I love that song.
  • the PG version of Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton. I asked if I could have a version with the G-d da–ed removed so Junior could listen to it, and he was happy to throw one up on his site. Go download and hit his tip jar. Thank you.
  • Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Holy cow I think this is one of the coolest songs ever. Can’t stop listening to it.

So there you go. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I checked the other day and the single song I have played the most often is, interestingly, a song that was the free song of the week (or the discovery song of the week) at iTunes a few months ago. “Banjo Boy.” I totally did not expect that to be the most-played song on Pinky. But there you go.


3 thoughts on “What’s On Your iPod?

  1. First I don’t have an iPod. I used to work with Apple. Steve Jobs is an ego-maniac.
    It’s a nice product though but he has ripped through many people out at Cupertino.
    My RIO player has 60s music on it. My son has 40GB of music, he figures he can listen
    to 18 days of music and never hear a repeat. He load chunks on at a time.

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