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Something Not Quite Right With These Oranges

I accidentally purchased the wrong thing at the store last week. I meant to buy little cups of peaches for Junior to take in his lunch, but what I grabbed was the little mandarin orange cups. Same color, wrong fruit.

I took one to work with me today to see what they are like. And now I will pass the savings on to you.

They aren’t “oh kill me now” bad, but there is something seriously wrong with buying these. For one thing, they’re packed in the same “syrup” as peaches. So you’ve got your strong, sweet [peachy] juice. I drank that right out of the cup because I didn’t want to walk all the way to the cafeteria to get a spoon, so I have to pick out the oranges with my fingers.

Somehow, picking one of them up makes me feel like I’m on Fear Factor eating sea slugs or something. They are a really floppy consistency, and kind of soft. I do think eating bugs would feel a lot like this. Also, they don’t really taste like oranges. I assume floating in peach syrup will do that to you. So in conclusion, why the hell wouldn’t you just buy a few actual mandarin oranges? This is NOT the way to go, on any planet.

Mmm. Sea slugs.


5 thoughts on “Something Not Quite Right With These Oranges

  1. i’ve always had an aversion to the ‘canned fruit in syrup’ things they sell… they are essentially the ground chuck of fruit.

  2. Know what you mean. Wife got me some canned stuff and it was limp gum food (gum food = food for people w/o teeth).

    I went into Hannifords for some oranges the other day. So I grabbed these orangy things that looked like small oranges. In fact they were large mandarins. argh..

    On NYC TV, WPIX had an announcer that used to say at the end of the 10pm news: “Do you know where your children are?” My kids are both out tonite ..I worry.


  3. oh man.. I like the mandarin orange slices…. although mine are not in peach syrup so maybe that helps.

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