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Setting the Record Straight

I have to defend Fluff. Some moron at the State House has taken it upon himself to start a personal crusade against God’s favorite food, Marshmallow Fluff.

I buy it, and not for Junior. He doesn’t really eat peanut butter.

I buy it for me.

The part I need to set straight is the “sugar and chemicals” summary statements. Sugar, sure, but no chemicals. Here are the ingredients:
Corn syrup
Dried egg white

That’s it. No fat, no sodium. 15g of carbs, 9g of sugars.

So lets look at grape jelly. I have some Smuckers. Grape juice, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, pectin, citric acid and sodium citrate. That gives us no fat, 5mg of sodium, 13g of carbs, 12g of sugars.

So when will they be banning jelly? Side by side, Fluff is “better” for you.

stupid humans, have you nothing better to do? I have an idea – take the money you would spend trying to get this passed and add it back to the school lunch budgets. I can’t even feed my family a healthy meal on the pittance the cafeteria managers have to work with. That’s the REAL problem.


4 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight

  1. Amazing what people have time to waste energy on. Just cut the portion size to control calories and let the kids do more activities. We used to go out and play during lunch time, walked to school, and ate White Castle Hamburgers. Ever see them ? They are about 2″ on a side, with thin piece of meat and fried onions. About 1/5 the size of a big mac.
    Let the kids be more active and cut portions is the way to go.

    Looks like storms died out again tonite before reaching us.

  2. Yeah, I heard the thunder and saw the lightning, but there was only a quick burst of rain before it went away.

    What are you doing to celebrate the solstice? We are having strawberry shortcake. Mmmm…shortcake.

  3. The cloud formations last nite were really wierd, wish I had a camera. There was cloud layers with sun coming through, overhead here it was clear and it was grey/brown sky to south. Saw some lightning to the north.

    Wife reminded me about the solstice. What she wants to do is get a “bit crazy”.

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