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Santa Dog is Coming to Town

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but we took Phantom for a haircut, and apparently the woman who took our call couldn’t hear Mr. Dump very well.

Him: Phantom.
Her: Manta?
Him: No, Phantom.
Her: Oh, I thought you said Manta! Ha ha ha.

When I got there they couldn’t find his appointment in the book….because it was under “Santa.” Ooookay. So you know what that means? That means we’re going to start calling him Santa. Because we do that. It starts as a joke and gets all out of control.

The last time we got him groomed (at a different place) we told the girl his name and she asked if we ever call him “Fanny”. Mr. Dump and I exchanged looks. “Uh, no. He’s a boy.”

But guess what I call him now? Because of course I started to do it to mock the dog groomer. Worse, it’s evolved to “Fanny Banana”. Please, if I ever complain that the dog doesn’t listen to me, point out that I’m an idiot.

mom to Santa Fanny Banana who wasn’t feeling well at ALL today because he got three shots on Monday but now he’s at least a little better, according to Grandma who is watching him today. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Santa Dog is Coming to Town

  1. One day your dog is going to … well, let’s just say that it will be very ugly because dogs don’t like being teased about names and shit like that. Don’t turn your back. It’s that bad, I tell ya.

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