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Month: June, 2006

Do Your Ears Hang Low

Wait, is it “Do Your Ears Hang Low” or “Turkey in the Straw?” Or are those both the same tune?

Either way, I’m very thrilled to report the highlight of my whole week happened today. Nothing better can possibly happen. I had an ice cream truck in my driveway! (Crappy cell phone picture ahead – but I’m kind of impressed with the colors in this crappy picture.)


Something Not Quite Right With These Oranges

I accidentally purchased the wrong thing at the store last week. I meant to buy little cups of peaches for Junior to take in his lunch, but what I grabbed was the little mandarin orange cups. Same color, wrong fruit.

I took one to work with me today to see what they are like. And now I will pass the savings on to you.

They aren’t “oh kill me now” bad, but there is something seriously wrong with buying these. For one thing, they’re packed in the same “syrup” as peaches. So you’ve got your strong, sweet [peachy] juice. I drank that right out of the cup because I didn’t want to walk all the way to the cafeteria to get a spoon, so I have to pick out the oranges with my fingers.

Somehow, picking one of them up makes me feel like I’m on Fear Factor eating sea slugs or something. They are a really floppy consistency, and kind of soft. I do think eating bugs would feel a lot like this. Also, they don’t really taste like oranges. I assume floating in peach syrup will do that to you. So in conclusion, why the hell wouldn’t you just buy a few actual mandarin oranges? This is NOT the way to go, on any planet.

Mmm. Sea slugs.


Meat Review

Okay, so it’s only a partial meat review, because I only tried one thing so far, but I have my review of the new butcher shop on Central Street.

Sausages – B+
These are actually very good, but I can only give them a B+ because even though I bought sweet sausage I found that my mouth was burning a bit. I can’t even imagine what the hot sausage is like. Mr. Dump approved of them because they weren’t full of fennel, which he personally doesn’t like. Junior ate a couple of bites too, so that’s a plus. Anything he eats more than one bite of has to be good.

Marinated Steak Tips – Not Graded yet
I picked up a pound of the marinated steak tips to try out. I should have bought more than a pound because I can imagine my family will be fighting over them, but at $8.99 a pound I really couldn’t afford to get more than that. I look at it this way…if they are good, we can go back and get more (they are open Saturday and Sunday, 9-6 and 9-5). If they aren’t good, well, I’m only out 8.99.

Junior wanted me to buy a steak (who is this kid?) but I told him we had enough for two days (more, because I bought extra sausage to freeze) and I didn’t want to buy an expensive steak and have it sit in the fridge. It looked damned good, though.

And the cool thing was how the butcher seemed to know everyone by name. Junior was disappointed he didn’t know us, but as I pointed out, we’d never been in before. So thanks to the South Leominster folks who pointed out this new shop. Oh, and I look forward to seeing what Athens Pizza puts on the menu of their new location in Johnny Appleseed Plaza. It’s Mr. Dump’s favorite pizza (the one in North Leominster), but he is concerned that the brother (owner) who makes the best pizza is going to be sent to work over there, leaving the other brother in “our” location. That will definitely be bad because we’re take-out people and that is too far to drive.


How I Found Out There Were Fireworks Tonight

Should I really blame myself? I mean, I understand that I don’t spend as much time driving around town as I should, and I don’t subscribe to the local paper, but shouldn’t there be a better way to let people know that a big town celebration is coming up? Signs or something?

I do read the only version of the local paper, but usually only the news section. You know when I’ll read about this in the news section? After it’s over. That’s when I always read about things there. The few times I read the events section they list things that are already over. I’m not a fan of the paper.

Sometimes we learn about things from flyers coming home from school with Junior, which I appreciate. That’s how we hear about Sholan Farm activities.

But if the whole point is to get maximum attendance, why not put some effort into letting people know it’s happening?

So we found out about this because we heard the fireworks. So we missed out and they missed out on selling me stuff. All because I don’t subscribe to the paper, their online version doesn’t even bother letting folks know on the main page, and I don’t happen to drive through downtown, where I’m sure there is a sign. All my fault.


1 in 3 My Foot!

Okay, so the label on my Diet Pepsi says “1 in 3 gets a ringtone” but darn it, I’ve entered 6 codes now and not only have I not gotten 2 ringtones, I haven’t even gotten one. Now don’t go on and on with all your math and probability and statistics. I don’t care. It says 1 in 3 and I have actually been told I’m 1 in a Million, so how many ringtones does THAT get me? On the other hand, my phone (the T-Mobile Sidekick) can’t use your nasty old ringtones anyway, so get them away from me. I am, of course, hoping I win the Motorola phone because then I could use the nasty old ringtones. So here I sit, ringtoneless, and now I don’t even have any Diet Pepsi left. What a stinker.


Santa Dog is Coming to Town

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but we took Phantom for a haircut, and apparently the woman who took our call couldn’t hear Mr. Dump very well.

Him: Phantom.
Her: Manta?
Him: No, Phantom.
Her: Oh, I thought you said Manta! Ha ha ha.

When I got there they couldn’t find his appointment in the book….because it was under “Santa.” Ooookay. So you know what that means? That means we’re going to start calling him Santa. Because we do that. It starts as a joke and gets all out of control.

The last time we got him groomed (at a different place) we told the girl his name and she asked if we ever call him “Fanny”. Mr. Dump and I exchanged looks. “Uh, no. He’s a boy.”

But guess what I call him now? Because of course I started to do it to mock the dog groomer. Worse, it’s evolved to “Fanny Banana”. Please, if I ever complain that the dog doesn’t listen to me, point out that I’m an idiot.

mom to Santa Fanny Banana who wasn’t feeling well at ALL today because he got three shots on Monday but now he’s at least a little better, according to Grandma who is watching him today. Heh.


What’s On Your iPod?

Okay, I don’t really want to know. It’s just polite to ask people about their likes and dislikes instead of just blathering on about yourself all the time. You get the reputation of being self-centered and you never get asked on a 2nd date. Not that this is a problem, although it has literally been years since I’ve been on a date. I wonder if it’s because I talk about myself. Damn. I feel so conceited.

Okay, so what’s currently on “Pinky,” my iPod you ask? Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you. Lots of stuff. Okay, I’ll be more specific.

I have been downloading random songs this week, not whole CDs. Here are the top new downloads.

  • 3 Songs by Lindsey Buckingham from the Go Insane CD. (I owned the album, and it’s around here somewhere. Now Junior is completely hooked on the song “Go Insane.” Ahh, I love having a kid.)
  • a couple of songs by Sweet. I grabbed Love is Like Oxygen, Fox on the Run, Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz.
  • Boogie Nights by Heatwave. I love that song.
  • the PG version of Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton. I asked if I could have a version with the G-d da–ed removed so Junior could listen to it, and he was happy to throw one up on his site. Go download and hit his tip jar. Thank you.
  • Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Holy cow I think this is one of the coolest songs ever. Can’t stop listening to it.

So there you go. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I checked the other day and the single song I have played the most often is, interestingly, a song that was the free song of the week (or the discovery song of the week) at iTunes a few months ago. “Banjo Boy.” I totally did not expect that to be the most-played song on Pinky. But there you go.


Ode to the Juice Guys

Dear Juice Guys
You are great
You make juice
That something-something, uh, ate

I like Orange Mango best
I’d even drink it in a suit
but dudes, I just now noticed
orange mango contains passionfruit.

(Now I know you’re looking forward to the bigbadwords site. Patience my friends. Or patients, as I almost just spelled it.)



So not a single one of you wanted to even mention to me that my archives were messed up? That I hadn’t added months to the list since February, and February’s archive link was broken? None of you? I was trying to google search the site for something I *know* I wrote for the post I was writing, and wasn’t getting any 2006 hits. Well that would be because I didn’t have any links to my archives. Geez. It’s like I’m out here, naked, for all the world to see, but the world is busy watching American Idol or something.


Decorating Your New Home?

I found a great source of, um, art. Singular Films features el cheapo copies of those old school films they showed us about manners, the Red Menace, and menstruation. The last two don’t refer to the same thing, by the way.

So they also sell posters. Dude. I would SO buy this