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Mom Says I Don’t Hafta Go To Work

Oh man, I wish that line worked. Does anyone like getting up on a dreary day? I guess it would be worse if it was still dark out. Why yes, I did depress myself this morning by remembering that we’re now on the downward slope of morning light. Sure, it won’t be noticeable until another month or so, but we hit the longest day. Now it’s only a matter of time (okay, months) before it’s all dark again. Sheesh, I hate that. Why can’t the summer solstice happen at the end of July or something? Why so early?

(Gee, I sound cranky, don’t I? I’m going to write it off to PMS.)


3 thoughts on “Mom Says I Don’t Hafta Go To Work

  1. based on the polarity of the earths slightly off-kilter axis… yea nevermind.

    What i want is June 21st daylight year round. Petition!

  2. Get a Sun-light to make up for the short days. Wife has one. I actually have another one the wife wants to sell.

  3. This weather is driving me nuts. I can’t stand it. I want sunshine, dammit! So I completely understand.

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