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Meat Review

Okay, so it’s only a partial meat review, because I only tried one thing so far, but I have my review of the new butcher shop on Central Street.

Sausages – B+
These are actually very good, but I can only give them a B+ because even though I bought sweet sausage I found that my mouth was burning a bit. I can’t even imagine what the hot sausage is like. Mr. Dump approved of them because they weren’t full of fennel, which he personally doesn’t like. Junior ate a couple of bites too, so that’s a plus. Anything he eats more than one bite of has to be good.

Marinated Steak Tips – Not Graded yet
I picked up a pound of the marinated steak tips to try out. I should have bought more than a pound because I can imagine my family will be fighting over them, but at $8.99 a pound I really couldn’t afford to get more than that. I look at it this way…if they are good, we can go back and get more (they are open Saturday and Sunday, 9-6 and 9-5). If they aren’t good, well, I’m only out 8.99.

Junior wanted me to buy a steak (who is this kid?) but I told him we had enough for two days (more, because I bought extra sausage to freeze) and I didn’t want to buy an expensive steak and have it sit in the fridge. It looked damned good, though.

And the cool thing was how the butcher seemed to know everyone by name. Junior was disappointed he didn’t know us, but as I pointed out, we’d never been in before. So thanks to the South Leominster folks who pointed out this new shop. Oh, and I look forward to seeing what Athens Pizza puts on the menu of their new location in Johnny Appleseed Plaza. It’s Mr. Dump’s favorite pizza (the one in North Leominster), but he is concerned that the brother (owner) who makes the best pizza is going to be sent to work over there, leaving the other brother in “our” location. That will definitely be bad because we’re take-out people and that is too far to drive.


2 thoughts on “Meat Review

  1. I love that butcher shop. It’s so homey in there. I bought hubby some ground sirloin (wasn’t cheap, either) and made him a mini-meatloaf. He seemed to like it. I also got chicken sausages, which I liked.

    South Leominster — it’s a hoppin place!

  2. Glad you guys like it. Never bought sausages. Got some chicken breast last nite and it was fine. I usually get some cold cuts too. I grew up on Boars Head in NYC but Thuman’s is a copy.
    Some of the other cold cuts he buys better brands if there is like the roast beef. The potatoe salad is so good and creamy it’s usually sold out but you can ask for more out back.

    I found beef kabobs good, roasts for crock pot usually good, only got 1 that was so-so. P-house and most other cuts good to excellent. Sometimes they come a bit thick.

    Get a chocolate milk in the glass bottle, it’s really a milk shake but doesnt say it on the label. My kids down a bottle a day.

    Have Fun.

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