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Mark Harmon, Call Me

I had a dream that I hooked up with Mark Harmon last night. Excellent dream. He was the 20 years younger version (the current version ain’t bad either) and I guess I was having a good biorhythm day. Or something.

I hope to have a similar dream tonight, with some other ex-People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive person. (In my dream, that’s how I justified the rendezvous with whoever was with me. Go me!)

The rest of the dream was just bizarre (like that wasn’t) and involved lost luggage and/or shoes and/or a bicycle at a hotel. I am definitely pro-more Mark Harmon and less lost bicycles. In case Adam is trying to come up with his next poll over at Universal Hub (link is on the right, I’m using my phone to type this).


7 thoughts on “Mark Harmon, Call Me

  1. That’s pretty funny. I had dreams about being hooked up last nite too with some women. Also, dreamt about loosing luggage while on a business trip and going between classes back at college again (however had to wade through water to get there).

    They say dreams are made up of things that caused you allot of stress during your life. If I cheated on my better half, that would be pretty stressing. Been afraid of loosing luggage when traveling olus I found college was initially tough.

    Maybe they are right.

  2. Mark Harmon: Yummy. I’m totally dating myself, but I remember how tasty he was on Moonlighting when he was romancing Cybil Shepherd’s character, Maddie Hayes.

    My current celeb crush is Dane Cook. Hot AND funny.

  3. Hello! I stumbled on your Blog googling for a rumor that Trot Nixon was buying a house in Hollis, NH, my hometown, and you had a blog post about being in the area back in 2003. This led me to believe that you are SOMEWHERE near here, and then I noticed that you read Fussy’s blog and so I just HAD to say hi. Hello from a local!


  4. Hiya Katie! Up until tomorrow, Hollis is part of my commute! But tomorrow is my last day in that office. So tell me, there’s a big sign at Silver Lake that says something is closed…what’s up with that?

    I live in Leominster MA but we drive up through Hollis on our way to Nashua, which is at least once or twice a week. Well, for 9 months I’ve driven through twice a day to and from work in Merrimack.

    Nice to meet you! So how do you feel about Mark Harmon?

  5. Sharon, it was Bruce Willis too, but they brought in a story arc where Bruce and Mark were fighting over her. Don’t mess with me — I have the DVDs to prove it. 😉

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