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How I Found Out There Were Fireworks Tonight

Should I really blame myself? I mean, I understand that I don’t spend as much time driving around town as I should, and I don’t subscribe to the local paper, but shouldn’t there be a better way to let people know that a big town celebration is coming up? Signs or something?

I do read the only version of the local paper, but usually only the news section. You know when I’ll read about this in the news section? After it’s over. That’s when I always read about things there. The few times I read the events section they list things that are already over. I’m not a fan of the paper.

Sometimes we learn about things from flyers coming home from school with Junior, which I appreciate. That’s how we hear about Sholan Farm activities.

But if the whole point is to get maximum attendance, why not put some effort into letting people know it’s happening?

So we found out about this because we heard the fireworks. So we missed out and they missed out on selling me stuff. All because I don’t subscribe to the paper, their online version doesn’t even bother letting folks know on the main page, and I don’t happen to drive through downtown, where I’m sure there is a sign. All my fault.


11 thoughts on “How I Found Out There Were Fireworks Tonight

  1. Yeah, Jerry, I saw it in the paper and figgered out where it was. My husband bought my V-day roses at that shop — cute little place. That’s sad.

    I live fairly near you on the South Side, near the Mobil.

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