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Do Your Ears Hang Low

Wait, is it “Do Your Ears Hang Low” or “Turkey in the Straw?” Or are those both the same tune?

Either way, I’m very thrilled to report the highlight of my whole week happened today. Nothing better can possibly happen. I had an ice cream truck in my driveway! (Crappy cell phone picture ahead – but I’m kind of impressed with the colors in this crappy picture.)


5 thoughts on “Do Your Ears Hang Low

  1. Oh how I loved those when I was a kid! You could hear them blocks away and had a few minutes to beg mom for a buck. Is that a new van in your driveway?

  2. My kids used to go crazy for the ice cream truck. We live on a hill so he had to travel up and stop on a side street with a stream of kids following him.

    In NY I used to get ice cream from the bicycle guy. Had a 3 wheeler with a cooler and dry ice. Then Mr. Softie took over. They used to BLAST the music so loud, was completely annoying.

  3. Yeah, I know it’s summer when I have the jingly, ice cream truck version of “Music Box Dancer” burned into my brain. The yellow Juniper Farms ice cream truck comes a windin’ through my neighborhood this time of year. Of course, you hear about two notes from the song when the kids flag him down, so it comes in stops and starts.

    Very cool picture, and very red truck.

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