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2nd Time the Charm?

Okay, we made another attempt to do the “Day After the Last Day of School” trip to Crane’s Beach. The last time I went was in 2004, and it was 58 degrees at the beach. It was very unpleasant. Here is what I looked like back them:

Today it was 80-ish at the beach, but the water was 55 degrees, so it was REALLY FOGGY. To the point where we just had to laugh at how we couldn’t see anything. Got a shot to share with you:


2 thoughts on “2nd Time the Charm?

  1. Glad you got out. We have not tried for the beach yet. Last week my son went to cape for a bit and had 1 day of rain and one nice.

    We use JCC in Lancaster on Spec Pond
    with a summer family membership. Get a nice beach and fresh water pond for swimming. They have some sunfish small sail boats etc. Best of all on the way home from work, I can be in the H2O w/i a few minutes from leaving work.

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