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1 in 3 My Foot!

Okay, so the label on my Diet Pepsi says “1 in 3 gets a ringtone” but darn it, I’ve entered 6 codes now and not only have I not gotten 2 ringtones, I haven’t even gotten one. Now don’t go on and on with all your math and probability and statistics. I don’t care. It says 1 in 3 and I have actually been told I’m 1 in a Million, so how many ringtones does THAT get me? On the other hand, my phone (the T-Mobile Sidekick) can’t use your nasty old ringtones anyway, so get them away from me. I am, of course, hoping I win the Motorola phone because then I could use the nasty old ringtones. So here I sit, ringtoneless, and now I don’t even have any Diet Pepsi left. What a stinker.


5 thoughts on “1 in 3 My Foot!

  1. i hate it when someone steals my thunder.

    the law of averages would state that you should have 2 ringtones by now. however, the law of winning free stuff (Murphy) states that you’ll never win any free stuff, and only people who don’t need it will win it.

  2. I found that if I drink more than one diet soda a day, I get a bit fuzzy headed. Then I checked and found that Aspertame turns into wood alcohol which is poison and does get pass the blood/brain barrier. Staying away from that stuff has been the best thing I have done (besides stop taking Prilosec which does a job on your colon). Feel like new person.

    We quit T mobile a few years ago, due to no coverage in S. Leominster.

    Probably burried in the rules is that the 1 in 3 odds applies only to 2 Litre bottles or some
    other odd ball product. Not the one you purchased of course, that label is just an ad.

    I am hopping mad on rebates. Bought a printer with $30 rebate. I filled it out correctly, double checked it, had my wife check it before I mailed it, then I get a note that it was not filled out correctly. BS.. Daughter got a LG cell phone, never got the $50 rebate. I ordered 2 weeks ago an SD card with $17 rebate that had to be postmarked June 6th. The place I ordered it from made sure that they shipped it AFTER the rebate date. Just got the shipping notice today.

    Oh well.. Just will not buy anything that has rebates.. On rebate strike..
    Enjoy the soggyness. Starting to get to me..

  3. Off subject:
    but why am I no longer asked for a pass code (non machine readable) any longer to post ?

  4. But wait…Murphy’s Law would state that you would win beaucoup nasty old ringtones, because you can’t use them. Doncha think? Somethin’s seriously messed up, there.

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