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Which Way Did She Go?

Hey, funny thing about two weeks of heavy rain…it starts to make the commute a little hard. I thought I would be safe but I did get blocked on my way to work today, right around the Hollis/Amherst line. Of course, there were no detour signs to be found, so I sort of went the way I hoped would loop me back around to 101a. Ended up way down near exit 6 in Nashua, which is about 4 exits south of where I normally come out on the back roads. Now THAT is a detour. Such is the fun of commuting from Leominster to Southern NH…

So now I’m wondering what other roads are closed. I hear people who work near me talking about closures, dead ends, etc. I am worried that route 13 in the Brookline/Mason stretch will be closed because the stream that follows the road down there should be a raging river. Luckily, the Manchester TV station, WMUR, has a website that lists all road closings by town. I don’t know how up-to-date it is, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I’ll be able to get home, but I may need to allow a lot of extra time to deal with the roundabout route and all the extra cars from people like me trying to detour past closed roads. Click on the link for the viewer photos if you want to be blown away. There are roads with sinkholes the size of the ones in Superman 1 when Lois’s car got filled with sand after the earthquake. That’s a lot of sink and a lot of hole.

Hey Christine, we drove through Bolton flats yesterday going to and from Solomon Pond Mall…the road was still open at 4pm yesterday – how was it this morning?


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  1. It was fine. We’re not getting spanked as much as the North Shore is. My parents live in Melrose, which in case you didn’t see it on TV, is pretty much underwater. They’re on vaca until the end of May, so my bro is going to check their house. And my bro himself, who lives in Danvers, says you have to plan your route carefully, since so many roads around there are closed. They used to have a basement apt in Salem, and it’s completely flooded. Here’s to living above ground!

    Man, am I glad I live on top of a hill.

  2. No kidding. I have been trying to check in on people I know who live in the hard-hit areas. The pictures of some of the roads posted on WMUR have floored me. Then the scary thing is that the cafeteria was showing pictures of torn up roads on CNN and I was assuming they were in New Hampshire and the title came on and said it was Libya. Oopsi!

  3. Not Christine here…The river at Bolton Flats was surprisingly low this morning. There was a lot of water in the corn fields and the brook through the game preserve was overflowing, but the river itself was still within it’s banks. I figured it would be worse than it was.

  4. Looking at the water rising along 117 last night on my way to work, I wondered if I would even be able to get home this morning and was really surprised that I could! The rain is pouring so hard right now while I write this that I have a feeling I oughta take rte 2 into work tonight…

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