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Vermont Is Very Lovely These Days

As everyone should on Memorial Day weekend, we spent most of yesterday driving to the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham VT. Cause if you have cheese money and a need to buy soap that you can’t buy anywhere else, this should be your destination. If you haven’t been there, it’s hard to explain, but to me, it’s just one of the best stores ever. Penny candy, barrels of pickles, samples cheese, crackers, jams, sauces, etc. etc. are in every aisle. (Yesterday I had samples of 4 kinds of cheese, cashew butter, dill dip, green tomato pickelilly (I have no idea how you spell that), artichoke hummus, some kind of sweet dip (there was no card) and venison summer sausage. I mean, it’s heaven for folks who like single bites of food on little hard crackers.

We got a cup for making slushies at home, candy, pickles, cheese, two boxes of oyster crackers. Junior got a mood ring. We wanted to get a tabletop hockey game but my dad and Mr. Dump wouldn’t let either me or my mom buy it. Boo to them. I wanted to buy one for a family Christmas present last year and couldn’t find one. I’m going to get one of these things if it’s the last thing I do!

All these items should be available at But really, you need to go up there yourself, and then keep driving another couple of miles to Chester VT where you should have lunch at Raspberries and Thyme. You will not regret it!


3 thoughts on “Vermont Is Very Lovely These Days

  1. Sounds good. My work manager actually is in the Burlington area. So I go up Rt 2,140, 12, 123 Walpole and up 91 to 89. Not a bad trip to Rockingham. I believe I have been there many years ago. Place looks familiar. My kids went around with their friends this weekend having fun while wife and I stayed home on chores (ACs, cleaning, emptying out basement & shed, and volunteer work). I became dehydrated yesterday AM felt pretty sick. By PM was ok..
    I need another vacation already.

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