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The Sounds of Silence

Ahhh, it’s apparently cuttin limbs off trees day here in the neighborhood. Of course we won’t be using a chainsaw to do our chores unless someone gets wildly out of control mowing the lawn.

So I’m feeling little to no motivation to do yard work, but the soil and seeds are bought, so I can’t just leave them outt there, can I?

No. I can’t. Hey, maybe I’ll do before and after photos so you can shriek in horror and say to your children “THIS is what happens when you watch too much tv.”


3 thoughts on “The Sounds of Silence

  1. The script server at my hosting company was down for about 20 hours over the weekend, so if you tried to see my page Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning you got a 404 error. I temporarily put up an HTML version of my home page but I didn’t know if the comments would work because the archive pages were still set to have .PHP extensions.

    It’s all tech talk for “someone had a brain fart and screwed up my web site for a day but it’s been fixed since yesterday.”

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