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spider babies

spider babies
Originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Junior and I discovered Charlotte’s babies had hatched on the side of the house. Sorry this looks a little dark, it looked fine on the laptop. I shouldn’t try to edit photos on the laptop, should I? No, I shouldn’t.

Okay, so I’m assuming these are deadly spiders because that’s the kind of optimist I am. I took pictures with the super macro setting and then moved far far away from them.

Interestingly, I didn’t hallucinate about spiders last night.


8 thoughts on “spider babies

  1. Yeooww. Talk about nightmares!

    M found a baby snake in the yard while he was cutting the grass. He is generally afraid of the critters, but this one was so small he said he had a hard time getting worked up over it.

  2. The image is not too dark at all. The spiders are lovely. Who else will eat your dust mite poop? d

  3. Thanks Jody, just what I need with my breakfast. I may have to re-think the “vist BDT in morning” habit that I have. BTW, did you check on what printer you have?

  4. yikes. i don’t consider myself squeamish or easily startled by things with 6-8 legs, but that picture made even my spine crawl a little.

    On the bright side, spiders are good!

  5. Uhh, actually I would have preferred if the pic had been darker. Like really dark. Like totally black, so I couldn’t see the horror within.

    Spiders. Eek.

  6. Thanks everyone, for hating the little buggers as much as me! And no, Sharon, I forgot. But leaving this comment will ping me with an email and I won’t delete it so every time I check my mail it will be staring at me like a baby spider.

  7. Sharon, it’s the HP Photosmart 8250. It’s about a year old, so maybe they’ve improved it and come out with something bigger and better.

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