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Month: May, 2006

Okay, You’ve Waited Long Enough

You kids have been very patient, waiting for me to release the name of the new website I’m adding to the family. Now if you click to go to the site, you will just see my placeholder page while Mr. Dump helps me work on the design. He’s done with the main landing page, I think, which will just leave us to figure out how the subsections will look. I may use color to differentiate them. But as I said, we aren’t there yet.

Also, for you writers out there, I will probably open up the site to submissions, but I haven’t decided any of the details yet. What makes that site different than anything else I’ve worked on? I’m actually working on all the design details before launching the damned thing.

It also means there will be a slight redesign of this site, as I move some of the content from here to there. Primarily the Still Life with Interview and the Open Letters, I suspect.

Okay, so here you go:


Which Way Did She Go?

Hey, funny thing about two weeks of heavy rain…it starts to make the commute a little hard. I thought I would be safe but I did get blocked on my way to work today, right around the Hollis/Amherst line. Of course, there were no detour signs to be found, so I sort of went the way I hoped would loop me back around to 101a. Ended up way down near exit 6 in Nashua, which is about 4 exits south of where I normally come out on the back roads. Now THAT is a detour. Such is the fun of commuting from Leominster to Southern NH…

So now I’m wondering what other roads are closed. I hear people who work near me talking about closures, dead ends, etc. I am worried that route 13 in the Brookline/Mason stretch will be closed because the stream that follows the road down there should be a raging river. Luckily, the Manchester TV station, WMUR, has a website that lists all road closings by town. I don’t know how up-to-date it is, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I’ll be able to get home, but I may need to allow a lot of extra time to deal with the roundabout route and all the extra cars from people like me trying to detour past closed roads. Click on the link for the viewer photos if you want to be blown away. There are roads with sinkholes the size of the ones in Superman 1 when Lois’s car got filled with sand after the earthquake. That’s a lot of sink and a lot of hole.

Hey Christine, we drove through Bolton flats yesterday going to and from Solomon Pond Mall…the road was still open at 4pm yesterday – how was it this morning?


Things I Can’t Say With a Straight Face

“So, did you remember to water the lawn?”


Hello, and Welcome to My Day

Happy mothers day to you and yours! It’s such a LOVELY day here in the northeast. I suspect I’ll be seeing animals walking by in pairs any minute now.

Off to breakfast…bacon twice in one week! I’m a lucky lucky mom!


Bounce Question

Admit it, you’re all wondering what happened with my email.

But this isn’t about that kind of bounce, it’s about the dryer sheet. I was reading the back of the box for reasons that are probably best left to the imagination, and they are advertising their website “” and the box says, and I quote, “avoid direct contact with fabrics.”

Okay, maybe I’m naive, but isn’t it a fabric softener? Doesn’t it touch fabric in the dryer?



We’re facing Mother’s Day 2006, people. Are you loaded up with bouquets, candy and jewelry? No? Well, you still have two and a half days.

I am getting something good this year. Well, I’m kind of picking it out myself, but that’s important for the gift I’m getting. I’m getting a new domain to play with. Isn’t that a cool gift? See, back when I was pregnant with Junior, I closed shop on the little ezine I was running. It wasn’t much, but it was nice to still have a hand or a foot in literature. And ever since blogging took hold of America, my website has changed from being a “magazine” type site to just a blog.

Just a blog.


So I think it’s too late to try to undo that mentality and try to get BDT back to what it was 10 years ago when I started it. Instead, I’ll leave this as the blog, but start a new content-driven site that only updates when there’s something new – photos, art, articles, poems, blood stains. You know, stuff like that.

I’d tell you the domain but because I can’t register it until payday (tomorrow) I’d have to kill you all. That’s gotta be at least 6 or 7 murders – and some of you live out of my local area so that would really be a drag.

Keep your eyes here for the announcement sometime next week. You know, after I actually own the domain and have at least a placeholder up.

(Oh, and after I do that, I get to register one or two other domains, because they’re cheap and I’ll be able to point them to my massive new home on the web. Dudes, have you looked at this deal? I think we should all get websites for Mother’s Day!


I Expired

Sorry for all the junk code over in the blogroll the past couple of days. Apparently the people at just allow errors to be published instead of sending a note to you to tell you that your account expired so your extra blogrolls were disabled. Thanks blogrolling! That’s great customer service! Way to make me want to send you another twenty bucks to renew!

Of course, because I didn’t know the expiration was coming up, I didn’t bother to move the sites in the roll over to my “free” one. I tried to recreate it by hand, for the record. Maybe I’ll just do that and not pay any extra. Of course, please note that the links will NOT display notice when they were recently updated. You’ll just have to check on your own. Boogerheads. (Not you, the blogrolling people.)

I’m still in a good mood after last night’s boinking of the Bankees. According to the NY Post Georgie referred to A-Rod as “the third baseman” instead of using his name. Heh heh heh. Poor Slappy, getting dissed like that. Maybe he can get his paycheck to cuddle him.


The Papinator

Is there anything better than a Sox blowout of the Evil Empire? No there is not. Well, maybe a blowout with A-Rod making a couple of errors.

Mr. Dump claims the only words better than “error by third baseman Alex Rodrigez” would be “Posada is hit by a pitch.”

(He doesn’t like Posada. He’d probably throw at his head on purpose if he was a pitcher.)

That’s not a nice note to go out on, so instead, let’s all compliment Mike Lowell for becoming a freaky deaky double hitter extraordinaire. Duuuuude!


Feeling Grubby

Saturday was fix-the-lawn day at the Dump Garage. We actually were only fixing a part of the lawn because we realized that our ability to successfully nurture grass seed to life would be limited by our ability to remember to water the lawn, and having to water different sections of lawn might be beyond our grasp. Right now we’ve got a decent-sized patch planted (I’m guessing 15′ x 10′ and the sprinkler is firmly in place. When Mr. Dump is done showering (and dressing, duh) and he lets the dog out, he turns it on. So now it will get watered every day. Once we see that area sprouting, we’ll patch up the next (smaller) area next to the driveway.

As we suspected from past experience (and friend-of-the-dump Kiddicus Maximus, ex-landscaper, confirmed) we have a hellish grub infestation. I dug up a couple of dandelions from the area we cleared and in there were 3-4 grubs just in that one tiny hole. (And yet, the dandelions were still alive. Go figure.)

I also cleared out my little flower garden, which was really a weed garden, so that only the strawberry plants were left. Four of them look pretty healthy, and have a bunch of flowers. I am going to have to dig them up and transplant them, because I apparently planted something last year that spreads faster than the dandelions, and that spot is useless for growing much of anything other than weeds. I’ll spend a short while making sure I pulled out everything that was there (I suspect new plants will appear in a few days. I’m telling you, whatever it was, it was spreading into the lawn, and I don’t remember what I planted) I’ll turn all that soil, throw some topsoil on it and figure out what, if anything, to plant there. Maybe a big cactus so it will be okay if I forget to water it.

Now Christine did way more more yard work than I did, so I won’t complain about the muscles in the back of my legs from all the weeding I did. I know when I’ve been bested…


Sorry for the Interruption

Apparently the PHP server at my hosting company exploded. Or imploded. Or is taking a nap. Anyhoo, my site is still out there, but it can’t show PHP files so I’m trying to move things over to .htm files in the meantime. I suppose I could change permanently, but I’d have to figure out what parts of my page have PHP.

So if you’re reading this, cool. If not, I hope you’ll remember that I do exist!