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Buy Now and Save!

I am not selling anything, don’t worry. Unless you want to buy something. You tell me what I have that you want to buy, and how much you want to pay for it, and I’ll sell it to you. Say for instance, you want to buy my Emeril page. That’s cool, I’d consider letting it go if the price was right. So you write a number down on a piece of paper and slide it across the table. I’ll let you know what I think. I may write down a different number and slide the paper back across to you.

Actually, I only wrote that down because Mr. Dump just sent me an email letting me know that Staples is having a big sale today, and I was driving around Sunday evening looking to buy some HP 4×6 photo paper. Target was out, and Staples and Office Max were closed. I was forced to go into Barnes and Noble and spend all my cheese money on books. But I still need the photo paper.

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I Didn’t See a Thing

Okay, so this is funny. I was all set to deal with the thunderstorms when they passed through, but by early afternoon there had only been a few sprinkles. I picked up a couple of plants with mom, dad and junior and we did get rained on at one place. We decided to go see Over the Hedge, for the 4:45 show, and left the house at about 4:20. Thought the movie was really cute, the popcorn was only okay, but they have Coke Icees there, so all was not lost. When the movie ended it was POURING rain. That meant Junior’s 6:30 baseball practice was cancelled, so we ran to Target to pick up a couple of things.

I picked up what I needed and when I got to the register, it was sunny, with blue skies. I expressed my amazement to the cashier, who proceeded to explain to me about the weather we had apparently missed while in the movie theater: black skies, lightening, 60mph wind gusts, hail, lost power, etc. Are you kidding me? That all happened and we didn’t have a CLUE.

So next time a big storm is predicted, I’m definitely going to the movies.

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Storm’s A-Brewin’

I hear we’re gonna get hit with some fun thunderstorms this afternoon, so I’d better finish all my “outside” chores right now. That means I should stop typing. Because I need to go do chores. Because it’s going to rain and thunder and stuff later. So I should stop doing this and go do that. Okay? You understand, right? Okay. Thanks.

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Here’s Where Things Stand

  • Grubs – Mostly dead, it appears
  • Ants – Made a run for the house when the lawn got over-saturated
  • Lawn – Most of the topsoil and seed washed downhill. What’s left isn’t looking good. That may have been $60 “down the drain” as it were.
  • Car – I need to remove several months worth of flotsam from under the seats
  • House – Will this be the weekend we clean out the spare bedroom?
  • – Mr. Dump swears the design will be done by this weekend, but by the way, he’s not really the best CSS programmer so good luck with that. Wait, that means I’ve got to start working on the content?
  • iTunes – Is there any way to back up your purchases to CD without having to burn it as a CD? I want to fit more than 12 songs on the CD at a time, but as far as backing up goes, if my computer died would I be able to just restore iTunes if all I did was copy the entire iTunes folder to a blank CD or DVD. I’m getting nervous that I’ve bought a lot of songs from iTunes and if my system croaks I’d have to a) reload ALL my CDs including the backup CDs that I’ve burned, 12 songs at a time.
  • Dinner – Went to the Monument Grill last night. Good Lord, I love that restaurant. We really do need to go there more often. Last night we went for our belated Anniversary dinner (our 13th anniversary was Monday). Good stuff, especially my favorite sweet potato ravioli appetizer.
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I Don’t Think So!

Just read a great piece over on Riba Rambles . And by great piece I mean something that made my face red and forced my eyes to go bloodshot and pop out of my head. Because this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if we’re not living in some scary Orwellian universe. Which, of course, you already know we are if you read the news. “The US Government” has become one of the scariest entities on the planet, people. Keep your eyes open before they crush you under their fists and steal your lunch money.

Okay, so Riba alerts us all to a new initiative to label all pre-menopausal woman as “pre-pregnant,” meaning that at any moment they could become pregnant and thus they will exert some sort of control over our bodies to keep the old female reproductive organs ready for planting.

She tells how her doctor won’t put her on any medication that may have bad effects on a fetus, even though she has no plans to get pregnant. Here’s the scary summary: “My neurologist does not trust me to not get pregnant. My neurologist puts a potential fetus’s potential health over my health.”

Ladies, you know if men got pregnant this wouldn’t even be a consideration. Do you really want the government to step in and tell you you can’t get certain medical treatments because you are pre-pregnant? HELL NO!

She’s got more excellent points on how stupid this all is, that they are focusing on the WRONG things, all in an attempt to get themselves out of the cellar on that list of countries with poor newborn survival rates. Maybe if they worked to get everyone some level of health care it would solve the problem. I’ll just let you go read it and get angry on your own.