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I Expired

Sorry for all the junk code over in the blogroll the past couple of days. Apparently the people at just allow errors to be published instead of sending a note to you to tell you that your account expired so your extra blogrolls were disabled. Thanks blogrolling! That’s great customer service! Way to make me want to send you another twenty bucks to renew!

Of course, because I didn’t know the expiration was coming up, I didn’t bother to move the sites in the roll over to my “free” one. I tried to recreate it by hand, for the record. Maybe I’ll just do that and not pay any extra. Of course, please note that the links will NOT display notice when they were recently updated. You’ll just have to check on your own. Boogerheads. (Not you, the blogrolling people.)

I’m still in a good mood after last night’s boinking of the Bankees. According to the NY Post Georgie referred to A-Rod as “the third baseman” instead of using his name. Heh heh heh. Poor Slappy, getting dissed like that. Maybe he can get his paycheck to cuddle him.


3 thoughts on “I Expired

  1. watching the Yankees lose is an American pasttime. I think they have to be the most hated team across this country. Followed closely by your beloved Red Sux.

  2. Yeah, if we didn’t have the Yankees, we’d all hate the Red Sox. Luckily, though, we have heroes against the Evil Empire.

    And does big Stein know that the guy he calls “the third baseman” is the best shortstop he’s got?

  3. Really, we’re the 2nd hated team in America? I suppose that’s better than being the team that most people assume had been disbanded. Who gets that, Pittsburg?

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