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I Don’t Get Paid Today

Ahhhhh! The horror! See, I’m hourly, and no pay for no play. Well, no work. And I didn’t work last week so the nerve of them!

I hate being short a 40 hour check. It’s like a monkey on my back, man, I’m jonesin’ for some dough.

Maybe if I hadn’t bought all those containers of sunscreen, I could treat myself to a Pepsi Icee at Target. I filled the car today – 50 blinkin’ dollars! And you don’t even get those nice young men in the suits and bowties checking your oil or tire pressure. Damn TV Land for giving me a false vision of the petroleum retail sales industry! Goober doesn’t fill my tank for 2 bucks, I do all the work for half a C-note! And what about the days when you could collect a set of glasses by getting fillups? When did that stop being cool? I could use some glasses…


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Get Paid Today

  1. I dropped $75 at Market Basket the other night — we’re having a cookout this weekend. My husband was shocked it’s even possible.

    Sorry for your lack of cash, girl. We can carpool… 😉

  2. $75-90 at Market Basket does me for a week.
    One of the few pleasures left where I am away from the big bad corporate america:

    Buying meat now at the new butcher at Central and just south of Litchfield before the Leom house of pizza plaza… Real good stuff, prices are too. You can watch
    them chop up what you want through the window there, just like the old days.

    They have fresh milk from Stillmans too. Chocolate stuff is unbelievable (even with the heavy cream on top), but get the glass bottles only. Doesn’t last too long in the plastic. Comes in fresh tuesdays, reminds me of the 50s…

    So you can live like TV land, just got to know where to look.


  3. I had a friend who kitted out her kitchen with freebies when she drove a lot for work. Those were the days….

  4. Yeah, life was a lot easier back when everything was filmed in black and white. Sheriff’s didn’t have to carry bullets, hotels didn’t need reservations, and there were no divorces, because the spouses always died to resolve a dangling plot point.

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